Need a conference speaker?

Virelle would love to speak at your next conference or retreat. Single sessions are received on an availability basis. Here are her absolute favorite topics:

Meet Me at the Well

For everyone who’s thirsty spiritually, exhausted physically, or wrung dry physically. Three or four sessions including “Come as You Are,” “Come and Drink,” “Come and Rest,” and “Come to the Fountain.” Discussion questions are provided to follow the first three sessions. In a ministry partnership with Circle of Friends, Moody radio host and musician Lisa Troyer has recorded a beautiful worship CD to accompany “Meet Me at the Well,” and would love to be considered as a worship leader at your retreat, as well. In addition, Circle of Friends is offering a full 13-week small group Bible study to accompany Virelle’s book. Please request further information through or by writing Virelle at

Coordinating Materials:

13 Week Bible Study, Available for Download

Worship CD

Donkeys Still Talk

On hearing God’s voices in the midst of life’s challenges and the obstacles we cannot change. Three or four sessions including: “Saddled Up and Nowhere to Go,” “Hee Haw! Name Your Donkey,” “Saddle Sores and Other Good Things,” and “Let God Handle the Herd.”

Reaching for God's Best

(In development, available June 2010) A brand new retreat for those seeking lasting spiritual growth. Three or four sessions including “Only the Hungry Come,” “Your Best Day is Here,” “Down is Up,” “Living for Heaven Now.”

When Your Mate Doesn't Believe

A unique retreat for women living with the heartbreak of a spiritual mismatch. Three sessions including “Confessions of an Unloving Wife,” “How God Moves a Donkey,” and “Growing Closer While You Wait.”

The Complete Woman

On discovering the woman you were created to be. Three or four sessions including: “Completed by Love,” “Matured by Testing,” “Empowered by Passion,” and “Completely His.”


For information on availability and conference fees, please contact or call toll free at 888-870-7719